Dirty Martini Menu Design

I designed a new menu for Dirty Martini, the high street cocktail bar chain. Research told me that guests like to choose by flavour and how they feel. So I created an emotive and shareable experience with ‘what’s your martini mood?’ A playful narrative featuring throughout the menu that prompts guests to consider their desires in the moment. I elevated each drink by introducing a descriptive flavour profile, rather than a robotic ingredient list.

Beerfly shop brand creationBeerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation

Beerfly Shop Brand Creation

I created a unique and memorable beer shop brand with pints of fun and wit – while also avoiding done-to-death craft beer cliches. Inspired by the energy and irreverence of the modern beer market, I created a vibrant platform that curates the best for hard to please highstreet consumers. My design approach had a local and independent focus resulting in striking lo-fi engagement pieces that are easy to use and quick to adapt in-shop and on-line. An all new beer shop brand including; name, logo, styling, tone of voice, launch campaign, shop signage, website, newsletter, social media, and ongoing support for seasonal, event, and promotional engagement.

Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation Beerfly shop brand creation

Belgian Casual Dining Rebrand

We created a new brand look and feel for a popular bar and dining concept, including menu design, launch campaign, Christmas campaign, creative direction of food and drink photography, brand story, tone of voice, and supporting in-restaurant and digital assets.

Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand Belgium bar restaurant rebrand

Motorcycle Casual Dining Concept

A menu with panniers of personality for a new 'as seen on tv' motorcycle themed bar and restaurant in London.

Hairy Bikers Restaurant Menu Design

Brewery Start-Up Branding

Me and the gang put forward some great ideas to win a pitch for a low budget - no budget, guerilla, grass-roots brewing project. Including identity, launch promotions, pump clips, beer mats, and website. More coming soon.

Brewery brand design

National Bar Restaurant Rebrand

I used all of my skills to win a pitch to completely redesign a large national casual dining brand's menu and customer communications. Including full menu suite design, layout, copywriting, and creative direction of food and drinks photography.

National bar restaurant rebrand

Hello Summer

A quirky campaign identity and styling for a Summer food festival promotion.

Hello Summer Food Festival Illustration Logo

Trippin Guts

A pants off pantone viddy through my slippery beer pipes - why not.

A technicolour journey through my insides

Eat In Great Britain

A typographic light installation concept i designed for a British restaurant air-side at Heathrow airport.

Eat In Great Britian Restaurant Wall Light Installation

Hulkenburg, Socially Awkward Rock Songs

Quirky illustration and one-shot for EP release digipack, sleeve art and online assets.

hulkenburg sars hulkenburg sars

Architectural Plans & Renders

I've been creating some very technical, textured and awesomely artistic rendered plans and 3D visuals for a talented architect. I have also created a 82 page design diary layout, saddle bound by hand on lovely stock.

Architects plans

Meow Years Resolutions

Why make new years resolutions when you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Make 2016 a good one pussy lovers.

Meow Year's Resolutions

I'm Part of the Vinyl Revival

I've been busy setting up design, print and production of record labels for vinyl pressing factories in Bedfordshire. Including the creation of layout grids, templates, artwork for press and software training. I am interested in designing sleeves and labels for artists and labels in and around the area.

I'm part of the vinyl revival

British BBQ Menu

I brought a bunch of British charm and wholesome family fun to the new BBQ dining concept at Butlins. By copywriting a customer facing introduction and giving each section of the menu loads of personality - I crafted an experience with real choice that's easy to navigate. I paired each dish with a tipple using super-simplistic and cool-coloured icons based on bottle label designs.

British BBQ Menu Design

Sleight of Hand Artist

A mysterious, magical and masonic inspired identity for the new 'modern magician'. Celebrating the craft and skill of sleight of hand with a strong duotone visual identity. I loved balancing 90% charismatic nice guy, who you'd like to have at your wedding, with 10% mind-bending deviant. I created a hand-crafted logo, website theme, copywriting, art direction, photo-retouching, exhibition stand, and custom playing cards that double as giveaway calling cards - everything a magician needs to trick.

Magician Logo Brand Identity

National Food Week Posters

I created a set of awareness posters for national food theme week events. A high impact typographic approach entitled 'let's celebrate' for consistency, but also having lots of unique personality for each week.

Food Week Theme Posters

Cafe In The Park

My hand crafted typography, illustrations and quirky customer facing messages made their way into a cool little independent artisan cafe called Café In The Park. I also laid out menus and designed many other pieces of signage along the customer journey.

Cafe Design

Student Survival Guide

I designed a food health & wellbeing guide for distribution amongst new university and further education students. I sealed a colourful 56 page pocket book with other freebies inside an emergency foil ration pack. My colourful illustrative and typographic approach engaged with students in a creative, conversational way.

Student Survival Guide

Slapp Industries Stickers

I created a hot rod and race equip. inspired logo for a talented automotive fabricator then got it printed onto die cut weather-proof stickers - to stick on all his wicked creations!

Slapp Industries Stickers

Dr.Tricky's Pinstriping Flyer

A cheerful and disposable printed piece to advertise a summer of live low brow pinstriping and auto art. Inspired by plastered punk posters, makin' mistakes and hipster daddy O's, it captures the loose, artistic and fun qualities of accessible art.

Dr.Tricky's Pinstriping

Butlins The Diner Restaurant

While working at Eat With Your Eyes I injected a tonne of fun into the Butlins family diner. Being inducted into the Butlins brand allowed me to create a compelling story to support their diner and design everything including wall graphics, menus, burgers flags, napkins and much more.

Butlins The Diner

World Street Food Festival London

I was asked to create the identity and promotional artwork for Real Food Festival's World Street Food Market held on London's South Bank. Using a young and eclectic urban street art style to convey the feeling of a busy, cultural outdoor festival. I put emphasis on bustling streets with lots going on, movement and big colourful circles to mark the spot.

World Street Food Festival

A Year of Food Posters

As part of my day-to-day duties I cook up exciting seasonal food promotions for my clients, this is just a small sample from 2013.

A Year of Food Posters

Inspector Beard

Character Design and Illustration of Inspector Beard and McTashy of the Metropolitan Bearded Crimes Division from the short stories by Terry Ruffhead. Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, if you like mystery and facial hair then why not read 'the case of the missing beard' here.

Inspector Beard Characters

Headliners Food Festival Promotions

I created awareness materials for print and screen to promote Headliners Food Festival - featuring new and exciting street food 'acts' every week. Music festival styling to appeal to younger customers on campus.

Headliners Food Festival

Guts! The Intestinal Gastrofont

GUTS! The Intestinal Gastrofont is a disgusting 2 weight hand drawn font inspired by naughty colons. Great for horrible halloween nasties and quirky medicinal or dietary posters. GUTS! The Intestinal Gastrofont comes in two weights (full & hungry) for creating infinite colour combinations and styles! Simply type out your headline in 'GUTS! Full' and then copy ontop 'GUTS! Hungry' for that great layered comic book look!

Guts! The Intestinal Gastrofont

Alternate Sound System

Identity and styling for Alternate Sound System and their new rig for hire. The new identity must work as a regular club night promotion but also as a sound system rental business.

Alternate Sound System

Bedford VDubs Banner

Facebook and printed banner for Bedford VDubs car club. Inspired by 70's and 80's gasser dragsters, painted sign writing and lots of metalflake!

Bedford VDUbs

Ori Asian Noodle Pots Concept

Branding brief for a 'hot to go' Asian noodle soup pot concept. Brand name conception and indicative styling for all point of sale and marketing promotions. The name 'Ori' is a shortening of oriental, in order to encompass a wide range of foods of Eastern origin. The logo mimics oriental glyph brush strokes in a clean, uber modern zen style.

Ori Asian Noodle Soups

Sky TV Prize Giveaway

Big Christmas / Winter competition for Sky TV via Hungry Horse Pub Restaurants. Print (poster, flyer, entry form, drop box) and online (web banners, facebook) campaign.

hh sky promo

Loch Fyne Menu and Email Campaign

Radical menu re-design for Loch Fyne seafood restaurants. Brief: To communicate Loch Fyne's passion for seafood. I simplified the menu content on crisp white stock and added a 'guide to fish' section to help with ordering and demonstrate Loch Fyne's knowledge and passion for seafood. Featuring a large hand painted water colour and passion statement on the reverse.

KDH Logo

KDH Energy are experts at the design and installation of diesel generators for boats and other industry. The brief: to tidy up an existing purely typographic logo supplied by the client. However I prescribed going back to the drawing board to create some more creative logo options themed around: the boat engine fan / prop, green energy and 'old school' mechanical knowledge and experience. The below were 'favourites' of mine.

UNIT18 Vehicle Personality / Track Day Awareness

Brief: Dress up the Unit18 Nissan S13 track car with bold vehicle graphics. Must incorporate the brand colours, logo and url for advertising race and road vehicle build and maintenance services at track days, events, and out n' about.

Shielded Show Illustration

I Cake You Website and Brand i.d

Brand creation, logo design, creative copywriting and website build. "Each of our delicious bespoke cakes are designed and baked from scratch especially for your occasion. The journey starts with an email to break the ice and then we can chat about your new cake. Your one of a kind cake will be made by our 2 Chefettes at Doddington House then delivered to you either by ourselves or a very careful courier. We always use free range eggs and pride ourselves on the tastiness of our cakes. Not sure what kind of cake you want?... get inspired by peeping around our cake gallery." www.icakeyou.co.uk

Cheers for the Ink

Paint, pencils and pen on tattooists' layout paper. A one-off to say cheers.

Charlie Indestructible Album Artwork

Album artwork and stage backdrop for an uber charismatic band from Luton. Check them out.

DeathCaps Font

My first font. Download it here. Hastily designed and created in a couple of hours. Easy Peasy.

Cafe Africa Interior / Exterior, Marketing & Signage

Unique not for profit coffee shop in Amersham. A local community hub...with all profits going charity. Crazier than Costa and Sexier than Starbucks! Take a break from the urban jungle. Relax, every cup makes a difference.

Ferro Space Design. Brand i.d

Ferro make spaces. Literal interpretation and 3D execution. Classic Helvetica, yellow purple enough said.

Henry & the Bleeders - Out of Luck, Out of Cash & Out on Bail

The recording of this album was 'eventful' for Henry and the Bleeders. The damage: 2 disqualified driving licenses, kicked out of their hotel, drunk, broke and nothing to smoke. The brief: out of luck, out of cash and out on bail, a true story. Album cover artwork and associated graphics produced for the Western Star Record Company, CD retailed at Tesco and HMV Nationwide.


SO Technology Logo

Brand identity for a fresh new web design and development agency. Operated by young blood and hellbent for success through on brief and on budget web solutions. Glossy and professional online look. "So... what can we do for you?" Approachable, helpful brand voice and personality. SO Tech are still doing it.. sticking to their brand standards and knocking out some decent websites to this day.


Upbeat Promotions XXX MAS Bash - Illustration & Logo

Logo and poster design for Bedford's self appointed kings of the underground Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Punk and Ska live music scene. Upbeat gigs are known for being well... upbeat!. Local media has reported original 70's punk bands go full pelt, local psychos rock this town and bands like Bad Manners bounce the pit and a few elbows are thrown.


The Guardian. Play Glastonbury Advertising

Get your crappy unsigned band to play with the legends at Glasto. Simply upload your song for the chance to play. With an abundance of cultural influences and stacks of language to tap into I quickly went through literally tens of ideas before settling on a simple idea with bags of personality.


Connexions. Exam Results Bookmark

Every 16 year old received this glossy bookmark within their GCSE exam results envelope. If you didn't open your results you didn't see it right? Wrong, it was also published as a half page ad in media across the counties of Bedfordshire and Luton. Fun and quirky visuals based around the idea of a theme park map. Where to go next? A thought provoking piece to get young people to think about their futures, the call to action: talk to a Connexions personal advisor.

Self Promotion CV Skateboard Deck

This baby landed me my first full time position at an agency. The 'Mogs' nickname identity uses the predictable yet classic CMYK colourscheme to instantly convey the fact I am a designer. I spray-stencilled my details in 6 layers of colour on the front and back and then presented it in a custom made draw string bag. The bag reads 'Take Me On Board' and is labelled with custom computer stitched lettering. I created everything from scratch including the typeface by heavily modifying Helvetica and removing the counters so it could be used as a stencil.

Summer. '06. - D&AD Student Awards, Advertising

I swiped a yellow pencil at the D&AD Student Awards for second place in an advertising brief set by Clarks shoes. My pitched idea portrayed a disabled lady as a fashion model in an everyday setting. Echoing the Clarks strap line 'fashioned to fit'. The execution challenges the viewer's ability to notice the model's disability, reinforcing the all inclusive ethos of Clarks shoes and answering the brief - to include a disability. The same year I graduated from Bedford College as 'Student of the Year'. Left: Me with my pitch. Right: Execution by Clarks in print.


Who Am I?!

I am a creative graphic designer ideas machine think-doer. I push concepts as far as they will go creatively, commercially and visually from paper out into our 'real world'. I have worked with big and small clients - who are now all conscious of value added through strategic design. My 7 years agency experience has given me an expert knowledge in branding, both online and offline for the food retail sector.

For the last 10 years my services have included but are not limited to: creative thinking, ideas generation, branding and brand development, identity and logo design, web design and social media strategy, publication layout, signage, photo retouching, digital direct mail, t-shirt design and technical artworking. I work exceptionally well in Adobe Illustrator™ Photoshop™ and InDesign™ with an ability in html5 and css3.

I often employ my artistic flair to hand craft emotive and humourous pieces in my jihad towards a less robotic and more human visual world. I am suited to working in a studio environment with other genuine fun loving designers. I am always looking out for new projects and clients as well as enjoying my full-time position at our agency Eat With Your Eyes. If you would like to work with me, please email: morgan the real thing at hotmail dot com